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Artistic Statement

As a choreographer, I am drawn towards the unknown. Adventurous decisions can produce interesting, unique, and quality works of movement that were unexpected from the beginning. I have always had a special passion for jazz, soul, funk, and blues. Creating movement that reflects the sounds of instruments in these genres not only honors the composer’s creation but produces memorable and meaningful pieces. My choreographic process is also influenced by recognizing the dancer’s personalities and crafting movement that aligns with their presence. I have always believed that personalizing movement recognizes dancer’s distinctive characteristics, strengths, and energies on stage. I begin teaching everyone the same motif and asses their interpretation in order to build future choreography based on their motions. With this, an important goal of mine is making every dancer feel included and worthy. I create every piece with authenticity and aim for dancer’s individuality to shine. Combining individuality, personality, risk, music, and movement creates the foundation for an unforgettable experience of performance. Through these principles I am committed to sharing the beauty of dance with all.


Teaching Statement 

   Dance is not just a sequence of movements, it is a form of expression used to convey an infinity of emotions, stories, and ideas. I believe that recognizing the personal connection between a dancer’s movement, motivation, and purpose creates a unique visuals that are deeply rooted with a dancer and their heart.

   Cultivating a safe space in my class is key for my students to unapologetically express themselves. Dance is an artform that is unique to every person. Students should feel supported by their peers and myself, as they take risks and try new methods to enhance their movement quality and ideas. My methods to creating a safe space include judgement free conversations, wellness check-ins, affirmations, and constructive feedback. Every student will be heard and taken seriously in my classroom. 

   I aim for my class to be action oriented. As dancers, our body is our instrument, and without bodily movements, there is no dance. I have retained the most beneficial dance knowledge from past teachers who incorporate dance in every single class, regardless of the lesson. It is essential for dancers to utilize their bodies every chance possible to continue perfecting their craft.


   Being a humble leader is a vital trait an educator can have. Although I am the teacher,  I will not act as if I am levels above my students. Just as the students learn from me, I learn from the students. Their personalities, interests, strengths, and weaknesses help me become the best educator I can be for them. 


   I view class from the viewpoint of “we’re all in this together”. We are all there for one common goal, to dance. Going throughout our course, I plan to keep my students by my side as we take on new lessons and skills. Not only will this furthermore create a sense of community, but it will promote accountability amongst the dancers.

   Every dance teacher I've trained with has impacted my dancing, confidence, personality, who I am today, and where I am today all because they invested in me. I will always strive to be that dance teacher for every student I teach.

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